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Welcome to Endeavor Equestrian


Endeavor Equestrian is a Hunter/Jumper program offering traveling lessons to riders who either own or lease their own horses in Northern Virginia. 


We focus on dedicated riders who are looking for a supportive and fun environment to expand their equine knowledge both in and out of the saddle. 


While our program is geared towards the show ring riders are not required to show but it is encouraged.

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Our Mission

Here at Endeavor Equestrian, we pride ourselves in putting the horses' well-being and rider's safety first.  We strive to create a partnership between horse and rider that is built on trust and respect.  It's through this partnership we are able to help each rider and their equine partner achieve their goals.  Promoting good horsemanship is very important to us, which is why we don’t believe in using harsh bits or gadgets when training horses.  Our riders are given a strong foundation in proper equitation in order to be able to work in harmony with their horses.

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