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What is your Standard of Care?

Recent events have prompted discussions in the horse community regarding caring for our equine partners. Because our horses do not choose to live in the conditions in which we keep them, it is our responsibility as horse owners to provide the best care possible. Do you have a standard of care you hold yourself to? I truly believe every horse should have a standard of care and hold themselves accountable, whether they are at a boarding facility or home with you. Over my many years with horses, I have been in every situation, from keeping my pony at home when I was a kid to managing boarding and lesson barns. No matter which situation I have been in, there has always been a standard of care I have expected and upheld. I hold myself to a higher standard when it comes to horse care, but my minimum standard of care is below.

Daily grooming, whether it’s a full grooming session or as simple as picking feet and brushing the mud off their legs if I don’t have a lot of time. This gives me a chance to look over my horses to make sure they don’t have any cuts, bumps, missing shoes, thrush, or sulcus infections. This time of year, especially, scratches can be a problem. One of my horses is especially prone, so I have to be diligent about catching any spots quickly. This is also our daily bonding time, which is very important.

Remember, our horses cannot take care of themselves and rely on us for proper daily care. If you are new to or returning to horses and aren’t sure what you should do, reach out; most people are happy to help anyone willing to learn.

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